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What kind of clothes should I or my kids wear?
Do you have a studio and backdrops? Which lights do you used?
If I need to cancel, is the 50% refundable?
When do I pay the rest of the full session fee?
Usually bright colors with no logos, or what you or your child likes to wear rain boots, hats and their favorite toy are a good choice. Matching clothing not recommended, try doing something fun and different.
I use natural light coming from a close by window if indoors. Check your home to see where and at what time you get the most light. Outdoors shootings are perform in the shad or evening hours. Just pick your favorite park, garden or beach. I don't use backdrops.
The 50% of your Session fee is not refundable.
But you can always reschedule within 5 days before the photo shoot and if you have
an emergency or weather does not permit. This is at the photographer’s discretion.

The full session fee is payable at the time and day of the photo shoot.
Can I bring friends to come with me to me session?
It is best to only bring the persons being photographed to your session.
When will my photos be ready?
Proofs will be sent to your e-mail within 5 business days from the date of your photo shoot. 5 business days after your photo shoot. Final images will be ready within 7 business days from the date I receive the final list of images chosen by you.

Since the day that the proofs are sent to you, you would have a period of 14 days to make your selection.

Unordered galleries are removed from all my files twice a month in order to make room for new clients.

In which form do I receive the final images?
You will receive digital high-resolution images either sent to your e-mail or burned on a CD. If you need prints on photo paper or canvas this would have an additional cost depending on the size of the photo. Once payment is made, the average turnaround for portraits is 4-6 weeks. Canvas will take longer.
My child is into modeling and I need a portfolio session how does it work and price?

If you are interested in getting your child into modeling, snapshots (a close up and a full body shot) are perfectly fine to send to an agency just make sure to ask the agency what kind of shots are needed. Prices and policies are significantly different than portrait sessions so please e-mail for more information
There are so many pictures i like what can I do?
You can do it yourself and buy extra pictures after reaching your package limit.
Frequently Ask Questions